4 weeks and no artist access


4 weeks and no artist access




We recently created a podcast and have 2 episodes already uploaded through an external RSS. We have tried accessing our artist page, through the claim your profile link and to no avail. We submitted a 'contact us' ticket through spotify artist help on the 23 January 2019 with refernce: ref:_00DD0pxIW._5002o23UUl2:ref.

We heard back the next day with "try different login methods/browsers" and that didn't work. We finally heard back again on the 4th Feb with: "
Help is on the way. Thanks for contacting us. We’ll be in touch soon to help you out." and that's the last we heard...

It might be the smallest error on our part or even an internal error with spotify. But if anyone could help, we'd appreciate it immensly!

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Re: 4 weeks and no artist access


Hi. Please be patient. It will be resolved soon. I'm sure you'll have access in no time (: