90's hiphop & chill DJ's

90's hiphop & chill DJ's


Hi guys, 


i m pretty disappointed in the few songs you have from the golden age of hiphop, appart from main stream artists. There is a HUGE underground hiphop community that's stuck in the 90's like me, and we would love to see it evolve. There are hundreds of names to list so i won't give it a shot, but you can begin to dig further into main stream artists, which old albums are missing (jay z, dre, dj premier, guru, erick sermon etc etc)...basically all your artists albums begin in the 2000's, and the best albums are usually before 2000. then you can add artists missing like az, alps cru, illegal, etc .


i wanted to say a word about mark farina also. you only have mushroom jazz 7 available, what about 1-6? same about dj spinna, nujabes, pete rock....a lot of the best songs of this generation is missing. thx alot for your reading.

hopefully and respectfully



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