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A severe lack of updated KPOP

A severe lack of updated KPOP

Theres alot of decent kpop in most playlists, yet seemingly  sooooo much missing. Theres too many artists to count, but most haven't been updated with newer releases, and most have 1-4 year old singles, new hits and repackaged albums that haven't made it here. Not to mention the artists and bands that have a profile and no songs. Youtube updates this first of course with new songs and older songs or live version, but not spotify. I would rather listen to spotify without an ad every song, and i'm not about to add my own collection to Spotify as its greyed out from my locale profile.

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here you go....i got a lot of recent good songs 🙂

I have this cool playlist! I update it every friday with new music in the K-Pop world, and you can leave suggestions of what you'd like to see more on it!



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Tbh it's all Spotify's fault they lack in adding new and fresh kpop tracks to their kpop playlists like kpop daebak and others. What about those underrated groups with great bops that people sleep on??? pls, Spotify if you see this you should hand the playlist selection to me I swear I would do an even better job than you, Ill do it for free too. Kpop is a very big genre with much potential that people around the world listen to and if you gave this important job of selecting the songs many underrated groups would get a chance to showcase and show off their music to the growing population of new fans. PLLLLSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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