Advertisement volume louder than music?


Advertisement volume louder than music?


Okay, so, I did a see thing saying this was "solved", but, I'm really not sure about that.

Maybe it's just me but the volume that the ads play at (all of them, by the way! It's not just one or two specific ones) is WAY louder than the music.

Just now, for example, I was listening to a movie soundtrack, all the music is the same volume, and I have it at my perfect volume and then when I went to the next song I got an ad for some album and it was like 5x louder than my music was. 

My volume was NOT up too loud, and if anything it was a perfectly normal volume. The one I have it at all the time, and yet this ad made it feel like I went from volume level 12 (what my laptops volume was on), to volume level 30!! And the ad after that one was even louder!!

This is an issue I've been having over and over again (and no, I'm not just gonna buy premium to "fix it"), and I've heard of some other people having it, too. And for me? This is seriously an issue, considering my hearing is sensitive AND I have sensory issues when it comes to loud noise (it's SO overwhelming and that plus sensitive hearing is a NASTY combination). I don't want to get overwhelmed all because I felt like listening to music, y'know?

I also tried to see if there was a setting for controlling ad volumes, but I can't find one either...


Anyways, I kind of started rambling there, but is there a way to get this fixed or something? It's a pain to deal with.

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Re: Advertisement volume louder than music?

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Hi there @FF2DaDerp,


I'm not offering a solution here but I suppose that the nature of an advert is to be attention-grabbing and the ads are probably deliberately made louder than the music itself. I know how annoying it was when I had a free Spotify account. I guess for me, it was a good trade-off switching to a premium account to prevent the intrusion of adverts. For the time being, I'd probably just whack the volume way down when an ad plays. 


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Re: Advertisement volume louder than music?

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Check out the FCC's rules about volume control in advertising, legally required to keep volume regulated to the medium being used.  They can cause hearing lose to people using this tatic to get you to purchase their premium content.  Should come with a warning before an Ad plays about hearing loss.


Note: I came accross that reply in another post regarding your issue.


Re: Advertisement volume louder than music?


I regularly experience the same problem. Loud noise can trigger migraines for me, so I'm always monitoring the volume of my music. I work in an open office environment and use headphones for focusing with music. In and of themselves, I don't mind ads at an appropriate volume level; I do think it's wrong to have the ad volume louder than what my settings indicate the volume level should be.


I know for a fact that the ads are louder than the music because of how I control my volume. I turn Spotify's volume on high and then use my laptop volume settings to adjust it down to a comfortable level. (This was suggested in an older thread as a solution to the same problem.) Just this morning at work I was listening to Spotify at a normal level. (My laptop warns me when I increase the volume to a dangerous level, and I was below that.) I had my headphones in. One song ended and an ad came on. It was so loud that I jumped in my chair and immediately yanked my headphones out of my ears. This isn't the first time I have done this. (I've tested different headphones and no headphones with the same problem.) I will say that while all commercials are consistently louder than the music, Spotify's ads specifically are the loudest and worst when it comes to volume.

The FCC page linked above specifically mentions the regulation of TV ads only. I'm going to do additional research on regulations for streaming services, but I don't know of anything in place at this time. Maybe someone else does? In the meantime, we can only appeal to Spotify on the basis of customer care. I am LESS likely to buy Spotify premium if I believe that Spotify doesn't value their audience, and the volume of their ads tells me plainly that they don't.