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Album not available anymore in my country

Album not available anymore in my country

Hello all,


Recently I wanted to listen to "Off the Wall" by Michael Jackson, but to my suprise it's not available anymore in the Netherlands. I listened to it many times before on Spotify, so why is it suddenly out of the database? And is it ever coming back?




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Hi, and welcome to the community!


For Spotify to put music on their servers requires permission from the record label. The chances are the record label recently removed those permissions. Spotify always try to get them back; so hopefully it will appear again soon!


Anthony 🙂

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Thanks for your swift reply. Guess I'll have to wait then.


I think it's strange though that almost every other album is there. And come on'... (one of) the biggest pop artist in history...? Really?

Just had a look, it is not currently available anywhere, looks like it has been pulled by the label for some reason. Sometimes it is just as innocent as a spelling correction so hopefully it will be back soon! 



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still not available. I pay a big monthly fee and this album is an important album in history

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