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Album remasters

Album remasters

I just added Michael Jackson-Bad album and started listening. I couldn't sit out the first song, it was just terrible to listen to. It is a 2012 remaster, smashed and made loud. There is no choice of listening to the original master. Why are there so many remasters of good originals? Please spotify, give us the choice between the original or the remaster.

With all these remasters, don't think it is worth paying for premium account.


Thanks, Richard.

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Hey there !



As this idea was already suggested (see here) on the Spotify Community and didn't get enough votes, got proccessed and closed i'd try my luck again.

Reach the "Ideas Submissions" section of the community and try to implant the idea again for new users added this year to vote for it and try to make a change!


Hope this helped, 

Let me know if there's anything else i can do to help!

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