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(All Platforms) Recent change to song/album organisation is terrible

(All Platforms) Recent change to song/album organisation is terrible

I went through the forums but I couldn't find a suitable place where I could actually post this, I'm not sure if my issue is a fault as its like this across all my devices so I assume its an update.


Am I the only one that thinks the recent change made to the way spotify lists independantly saved songs as one big list is absolutely terrible?


I haved used spotify on just about every major platform it supports but primarily PC and Android. Previously I would go through my music as albums and play the independent songs I had ticked from that album, since the recent change if I don't have the whole album saved it doesn't show up and all my independent songs are in one giant list under 'songs' but only on the PC app, I can't find them on Android even though they're supposed to be 'saved to library'


Basically it makes it extremely frustrating to use, something like 70% of my music doesn't show up anymore and if I manage to find the artists album with the specific song in the Spotify search, its ticked even though it doesn't show up in my library properly. On the android app I can't even find 'songs'


Basically I got used to using spotify like I would iTunes or any other music platform that I have used in the past, I have spent a few years building up my music selection on spotify only for this recent change to ruin all of that.


Do I really have to go through every song in songs on the PC app, go to their album, like the whole album, just so I can have all the album covers which I like and navigate the music via albums?


It's like how I currently have many whole albums saved, but If I go the artists under 'your library' in the left panel, it says I have to browse and add some, it makes out that I don't have any artists to choose from even though I have a couple years of 'saved to library' music which is made by artists.


I get the impression that Spotify at its own expense, is becoming too much like some sort of light social music platform, if thats a thing.


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I've just noticed when I log into the web version that I can still access all my music via albums like how it was a few weeks ago across all platforms.

Does my account have some bug or is it just that the web version isn't up to date yet?

I just decided to get spotify premium again after using apple music for the 3 month trial, and I'm gonna have to switch back to apple music cause it's just way too hard for me to browse my music.

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