[All Platforms] Uncancel Tom Macdonalds Fake Woke


[All Platforms] Uncancel Tom Macdonalds Fake Woke


Fellow users who do not enjoy being infantalized!

Spotify has cancelled a song for being controversial. I neither share the views expressed in the song or enjoy the artist particularly. But I do not accept my media provider dictating that certain material is to controversial for me to take part of. Nothing in the song crosses the line, which must be set no shorter of harassing or promoting violence against some particular Group.  Its just controversial, which inherently is something subjective. Please PM support or voice your discontent!


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5 mins of research you can find out it was taken down bc of internal issue...he's not being censored.


This is not even funny, it's ridiculous!

I think we can soon move on to another platform or fall back to torrents. Spotify have been my way out of p2p file sharing. If Spotify doesn't deliver, it's time to move on. Let's go!

What are the odds that some other platforms are having "internal issue" for the same song at the same time? And other songs play flawlessly. C'mon man!

Yeah, I'm canceling Spotify too if they don't bring back Fake Woke. It didn't even have ONE single offending or controversial line in it.
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MacDonald states it was due to some mistake on his part 


If this is not being fixed by next week (and I am being very generous with the time window here), bye bye Spotify. Meanwhile, any good recommendation as alternative?


Still not available Friday 2/12/21 1:09 PM EST.  Has NOT been fixed.  I am cancelling Spotify and going to Apple Music, where that song IS available!

Still not up. The "internal error" by Spotify is thinking they can censor music and people will continue to subscribe.


Deezer hasn't banned the song and after copying my playlists to deezer I'll defintivley switch to deezer. I used to love spotify but its getting like the other fake woke companys and the only way to let them know how stupid they are is not giving them your money anymore.



This is insane. All gangsta rap promoting violence **bleep** and drugs is still on and this gets removed.

If it doesnt come back within a month I will end my subscription




I have noticed that the song is back on YouTube Music (where I have duplicated some of my playlists, so far, under the same username). It's strange how the video was not removed, but the song, by itself, was. It's also strange that it's not back on Spotify, yet, but I guess it hasn't been 24 hours.

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Hi, 4 year subscriber here. I've already sent them an email yesterday saying that if they removed fake woke from their service, I will remove their service from my monthly credit card statement.


If spotify thinks I will support their book burning and political censorship, they are dead wrong.


The only thing that will stop me from cancelling my family sub and publicly dissuading anyone and everyone I can from giving spotify another penny




It's not going to happen though, so my sub is guaranteed getting cancelled for life.


If anyone else here is opposed to this type of censorship, I implore you to unsubscribe from this service. By supporting them and this decision, you are no better than them.


Don't stay in an abusive relationship, don't remain their hostage; join me in unsubscribing.


Been a member of Spotify since it debuted in the U.S. I’ve referred tons of people to the  service since day 1. I regret that now. I am considering closing my account because of the way the platform has been acting. I’m tired of seeing playlists eluding to the fact that it’s somehow bad to be a white straight American man, I’m tired of pseudo equality messages, I’m sick of this companies censorship. It’s their platform, they can do whatever they want with it but if they continue to remove content because it challenges their agenda I will be moving on to another music service. **bleep**, I’ll go back to buying music.

Removing Tom Macdonald’s, “Fake Woke” is ridiculous. I don’t even really like the tune of the song but what is wrong with the content? There is not a single good reason to remove that song. The attempts at censorship are pathetic. By censoring view points staffers disagree with the point that the song, “Fake Woke” is making is proven.


This rhetoric is old and tired. Let’s be done with it. 

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According to Tom, the song will be back.

I just saw that he had posted it on YouTube.

  1. Removing fake woke was a mistake since when do we censor honest opinions i can listen to thousands of songs about doing drugs killing people and cops but fake woke gets removed for "honest opinions".  Spotify is better then this bs....

Making a vagina "wap" and thats fine but dont u dare question the establishment


Exactly, this will only make people go back to p2p, because thats NOT censored...

Perhaps go back to MP3s and P2P. Get a VPN and download away. Seriously, what do these tech companies want us to do when they practice censorship?

Any other advice?


I'm giving them 7 days to put it back on or I'm off to pastures new.

I will not pay for censorship...!!!

Yes, we all saw what TM said but after re-uploading, you still can't download it and listen offline. He's a good man trying not to start anything but we all know spotify has bent a knee to the fake mob before


It's Back!




It funny, though. The other posts, that were made about it, are gone. I don't know if the ones that posted them deleted them, or not.

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