[All Platforms] Uncancel Tom Macdonalds Fake Woke


[All Platforms] Uncancel Tom Macdonalds Fake Woke

Fellow users who do not enjoy being infantalized!

Spotify has cancelled a song for being controversial. I neither share the views expressed in the song or enjoy the artist particularly. But I do not accept my media provider dictating that certain material is to controversial for me to take part of. Nothing in the song crosses the line, which must be set no shorter of harassing or promoting violence against some particular Group.  Its just controversial, which inherently is something subjective. Please PM support or voice your discontent!



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5 mins of research you can find out it was taken down bc of internal issue...he's not being censored.

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MacDonald states it was due to some mistake on his part 

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Spotify Subscribers & Listeners, 


For those of you who know about the chart-topping song, Fake Woke by Tom MacDonald you may or may not be surprised to find out that it was removed by Spotify and other streaming platforms because of its anti-woke message. For those of you who have yet to listen (and cannot now on Spotify), here are the lyrics: 



I have never seen a song removed from a large streaming platform, including Spotify and I like the song personally. It is edgy, catchy and it is showing us the state of our culture in America right now (ironically from a Canadian rapper). 


It used to be, you don't like it, don't listen, don't watch, don't participate in it. Now we are living in a time where if you have the power and control the switches, you can turn anything off any time you want just because it doesn't fit your worldview and doesn't support your narrative...and in this case your woke narrative.  


Join me in demanding that Spotify replaces Fake Woke back into their platform. It may work, it may not but if we don't start speaking up, sooner or later our platforms will be wiped clean of all that we enjoy if it doesn't fit into the woke mold of the elitists at the levers. This now includes you Spotify. 




-Adam (Premium Spotify Subscriber/Listener)

Wow. I had read a comment in a live video, by Anthony Brian Logan, but I asked my Google Home to play it, just to check. It still played. I also still see it, when I go to the playlist that I added it to, which I started because of the song. I just checked, again; it's grayed out. That's crazy. Last night, I was able to play it on my Google Home, but I just tried it (twice), and it played two other songs of his.

I don't listen to rap, but I like that song. It's got truth to it. I found out about it, from someone, in one of Officer (Brandon) Tatum's live videos, mentioning it.


This just shows the kind of world that we're living in, now.


I did just find the music video on YouTube Music, but the song (by itself) isn't available.


These services are only proving his point, by removing it, and while having trash like "W.A.P." and gangster rap still up, further proving his point.

 I guess people need to use the Spotify music request form, to get it added back.

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I've been a subscriber for seven to eight years. I was already this close to cancelling due to all of the 'woke' culture moves Spotify has been doing. If they don't fix this immediately, I'm cancelling them.

CANCEL SPOTIFY! They’re against freedom of expression and hate anyone that disagrees with them on anything. Gunna cancel his song ‘Cancelled’ too S*itofy?

stop with the bs censorship when you can leave songs with racist words or connotations or songs that really shouldnt be left up but you take this song down YOU spotify become the problem

I agree, this is unforgivable. And the fact that the "You're Wrong About" podcast is allowed while routinely disparaging cis het white men is egregiously hypocritical. 

Just thought I’d reply to this thread. Tom has said in an Instagram reply, that the song was removed due to internal error and will be back up soon. However, we can still listen to the song on his official YouTube channel.

There are songs about eating babies, murder, drugs and rape on Spotify, what the **bleep** is offensive about this stupid song?  We should all be very afraid of these "Fake Woke" thought police nazi pussies!

Cancelling my account in 3,2,1,NOW!

spotify **bleep**ing SUCKS

Talked to customer support and let them know if the song isn't back up by the end of the month I'm cancelling. 

Odd that these kinds of internal errors only happen to opinions like Tom's.

I want to hear FAKE WOKE by Tom McDonald . You all removed it. If you all want to participate in cancel culture just remember WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

It is. I was thinking the same thing, earlier, and how I heard about Joe Rogan's podcast being taken down, but him saying that it was just a glitch or whatever, before it was back.


It seems like they might have been leveraged into making those statements, but I don't know.

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Meanwhile, 'Boris Johnson is a F**ing C**t' is perfectly acceptable, even after it shot up the UK chart just before Xmas.  And stuff like 'Wet Ass Pus**' is mainstream music these days.


Booting a song or artist off a single platform for a TOS violation is one thing, but it really looks like this is a coordinated political action by a cartel of big tech companies, with this track apparently disappearing from Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Google almost simultaneously.


His YouTube channel hasn't been banned yet, but I can't imagine it'll be up for much longer...



Hmm, it's back on iTunes now, 'apparently some sort of mistake and not censorship'. Guess I could be cynical and wonder whether it was a publicity stunt...

For those who are unaware, Spotify just removed Tom MacDonalds 'Fake Woke', a song that addressess the many issues with modern society and it's 'fake woke' crusade. This song does not feature a single curse word, call to violence or defamatory remark, yet was recently removed in what appears to be a cordinated attack with iTunes.


Meanwhile, the like of Eminems 'Kim', Odd Futures 'We Got Bitches' and Brotha Lynch Hungs 'Meat Cleaver' remain readily available for adults and childern alike. For those not familiar with these songs, let me share with you a taste of their lyrics.


"You can't run from me Kim! It's just us, nobody else!.

You're only making this harder on yourself!

Ha-ha, got ya! Go ahead, yell!
Here, I'll scream with you! "Ah, somebody help!"
Don't you get it **bleep**? No one can hear you!
Now shut the **bleep** up and get what's coming to you!"


"Comin' with the meat cleaver
Cut her in her neck, leave her
Put her on the ground like a beaver, see 'em
Yeah I'm comin' to get her, run up and get her, with a machete
They comin' to get her without the liver
**bleep** with a meat cleaver, leavin' the street bleedin'
Heapin' a heat-seeker, **bleep**, I speak ether, he about to leak **bleep**
Wipin' up the streets with her, get em' grr"


"Spit on a **bleep**, punch on a **bleep**
After I eat some steak, have her tug on my **bleep**"


Spotify allows this vile 'Music' to be freely available to all, yet removes a song addressing real issues. Check yourself, Spotify, your fake wokeness is showing.





Tom McDonald's song Fake Woke is a fantastic song and says nothing that warrants it being banned from the platform. Reinstate the song. We want to listen to it

You used my exact example when I complained, so he can't rap about truth, but Carbi B can spend 4 minutes rapping about her vagina.....not sure what world we are in. I'm in Australia and its been removed!!!

and I want people to learn to how to research before they go on an internet witch hunt. Dude has LITERALLY said it was internal issue and thats why it was removed from all platforms.

It's on his instagram.

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