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Arctic Monkeys albums

Arctic Monkeys albums

Just wondering why only ONE album from the Arctic Monkey's  is now on Spotify, I used to listen to them all on Spotify. Is this a Spotify issue, if so, NOT GOOD. Seems Favourite Worst Nightmare is the only one??????? **bleep**

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Hey @pthorsley! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Spotify tries really hard to get music available on their service, but in the end the availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.

This thread by Spotify staff explains why some music is not available:





Hey there, chiming in. I went through the Arctic Monkeys official studio releases that are available on the Spotify service for me, and all of the studio albums are available for most of the Spotify listening regions, at least showing as such from a third party look up service except for these listening regions RO SI. Can you explain a bit more what is going on for why you are only seeing one release by the artist?


Are some A.M. albums just showing some tracks not available for you, e.g, greyed out?


Which device, OS and Spotify app version is this happening with?


Did you happen to offline the Arctic Monkeys albums, and they are now showing not available? You might try bringing the content back to on-line mode and then see what is available now? The artist page might have been updated with corrections on some releases in the interm of you downloading and off-lining the artist's content?


For example I went to the Spotify desktop app and just did a keyword search for the artist Arctic Monkeys, and went to their artist page and found all their studio albums showing available for me, which is only five at current release dates. How are you exactly looking for the artist's content on the Spotify service?

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