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Are missing albums of Elena Frolova coming back?

Are missing albums of Elena Frolova coming back?



About 2 years ago several albums of Elena Frolova became unavailable on Spotify (namely: "Час души 1", "Час души 2") although can still be found. This was the reason for me to unfortunately cancel my subscription and switch to another app where they are available. I hoped that this was a temporary issue, however, 2 years after here we are. The problem was reproducible for a Russian account 2years ago and is reproducible for a Dutch account now.


There is a plenty of albums of that artist, also from the same publisher. Also alternative apps (like Deezer) have the missing albums available. So I wonder if those are really unavailable or is there some mistake that the content team could fix? Could anyone with the relevant access please check?


I'd love to use Spotify for it has nice UX and great mixes, but you know... content is always the first priority in this case.


(Sorry if this is a wrong place to ask this. Already posted on Customer Support -- haven't realised there was a separate support channel, haha. Not sure if I should keep this issue...)

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Hey, how's it going? I hope all is well with you and your family 🤗. For a song or album to be on Spotify, it must be published through an aggregator. What may have happened is, for some reason, the record company, office or itself may have requested the removal of the songs for internal reasons. In order for the music to return to Spotify, the artist or the company that takes care of his career asks an aggregator to publish it again. I hope I have clarified and that soon the songs of your artists will return to Spotify. A big hug and a great week! 🤜🤛

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