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Artist Confusion

Artist Confusion

I think I've found a discrepancy between two artists on Spotify. There are two artists listed under the name Danny! One is a Latino pop artist under Camino Music and the other is a R&B artist under Interscope. You can tell the difference by listening to different albums.

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I think this happens when multiple artists have the same (official) name.

For instance, if you search for Jack Black you'll see tracks of the charming actor and the same named rapper. 

I detected the same problem with (at least) 2 artists called "Russ Freeman" and I hope my friends of Spotify can fix it.


One of them is Russell Donald Freeman who was a bebop and cool jazz pianist and composer, born in 1926 in Chicago and passed away in 2002 in Las Vegas. He is called "Russ Freeman (pianist)" in Wikipedia.  


The other is the guitarist Russ Freeman who is a smooth jazz artist of multiple genres, composer, and bandleader. He born in 1960 in Nasville, Tennessee. He was the founder of the group "The Rippingtons" in 1986.
He is called "Russ Freeman (guitarist)" in Wikipedia.


I think it can be a good idea to create different profiles for each one of them and show that informations to distinguish properly because, in the Artist Page of Spotify, the albums are mixed which confuses subscribers.


This is just a case I have encountered and may be many others that should be investigated.


Thank U for the solution.

See U

I've experienced the same. People confused my name with the band Crossfade. Pretty confusing.
Please follow my Playlist and Artist profile

Same problem here as above (and below). My daughter is being conflated with a different artist by the same name.

What is the SOLUTION to getting this fixed?

Another one is Jimmie Rodgers, the early country singer. Seach for him and the first recording that comes up under his photo is by a later, rockabilly Jimmie Rodgers. This is compounded by a 2020 compilation called The Singing Brakeman (Master Tapes Records), with a photo of the latter, when all the repertoire and the comp title reference the original Jimmie Rodgers.

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.  


When you notice that the information of a track or an album on Spotify (title, cover art, release date) is incorrect, you can report it to us.    


Check out this help page and follow the steps on how to forward us the issue you've spotted. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.  

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