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Artist I do not know on my spotify wrapped?

Artist I do not know on my spotify wrapped?

There is some guy called 'The Legendary Fruitman' all over my spotify wrapped.

I do not remember ever actively looking up this guy or listening to his music before now, and frankly I don't like his music at all. Why is he showing up with as my 2nd most favorite artist and with the number 1 and 2 favorite songs in my top 5?

It is not that I mind so much as that I am curious as to how this happened.

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The "Your Top Songs 2018" playlist has 5 songs i have saved, and actually listened to. All the other songs i cant even remember having listened to.

Same here!

Same thing. 

On my wrapped elements, I know one of the singer (simon & Garfunkel) still, I should have listended to "the sound of silence" once or twice this year! 

On the +5000 minutes I listened to Spotify, there is only artist that I do not know! 


Maybe it's because of the Spotify Family account? Is there a mod to tell me so? 

There were 5240 minutes in the email and 25 726 minures in the 2018 top artist / songs! 

Same thing, although Mumford and sons was my most played artist, there is not a single song from them on my top 2018 and there is some crazy techno songs that a never heard about

Is it possible to get a list of ip's you have listened from? Maybe your account login has leaked and someone else is using it. Else the system has messed up your stats.
Everthing fine on all of our 4 users within the family account.

I don't think so... since I use my spotify account a lot, and sometimes I dorget to logout, I at least, logoff all my connected accounts and change my password 3 times a year. 

I know that at some point my account was used by someone else, but it didn't last. 

The playlist, though, contain most of tunes that I've actually listened to a lot. Still the artists/songs in the top 5 are not even in it! 


Same here. I was excited to show to my friends the music that I've heard all the year and I found songs and artists that I havent never heard before. Any of them doesnt matches with any of my playslists. Then I noticed I was suscribed (I dont know why) in a few playlists made by an user called eglihard, but even unsuscribing on em it doesnt fixes the wrapped, so my 2018 year is **bleep**ed up...


At least this doenst seem to be a security issue. But seeing you not being the only one this happend to, it sounds like some glitch in the stats system.

If anyone has been using your spotify a lot they can listen to their favorite artists all over again. If you lend your spotify that happens and it’ll suggest you more. I think you have to tell this person to not use your spotify. As spotify takes account on what you listen too and may not realize its someone else.

@DanCrow I had the same glitch with the same two artists "Cannabis Club ATL" and The Legendary Fruitman." So weird!

Same here, I had some Flyboi rich rap **bleep** and I haven't ever even heard of him.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


You can check more info about why your Wrapped might be different than expected in this Spotify Answer.


If you need anything else, we're always a post away.



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