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Artist Judah and the Lion miscategorized genre

Artist Judah and the Lion miscategorized genre

When I finish listen to Judah and the Lion's album "Folk Hop N' Roll (Deluxe)", Spotify starts playing Christian music. While I don't think my Christian friends would find anything about Judah and the Lion's music offensive, their music is definitely secular.


Update: I found the problem in their bio... Their first album was a Christian album. Since then, they're music has been all secular. The funny thing is, Spotify doesn't even have their first album available to listen to.

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Thanks for the feed back, I might take a long shot and say this might be just a slight hiccup with the algorithm that is used to pull content together based on word titles, and even similar type of music that might fit together?


If music starts playing after this album is done being played, users can turn off the Autoplay feature that starts after users reach the end of the current content being played. On the Spotify desktop app, users can find the Autoplay feature under settings under their user icon, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see the Autoplay feature to toggle off. Depending on the version of the Spotify mobile app being used, a similar Autoplay feature is also on the Spotify mobile apps under user settings as well.

Thanks for the response, Jay.


Since the process for choosing the next song IS the algorithm, it's definitely a "hiccup" with the agorithm. Unfortunately, that's more a rephrasing of the issue than it is a root cause.


I think if it were related to the type of music, then I'd expect to have the same issue after listening to other folk / folk-pop bands, but I haven't. I'd also expect the algorithm to sprinkle in other secular folk-pop songs. I do not. The songs that the algorithm chooses are exclusively Christian songs (the only exceptions being songs from other albums by Judah and the Lion.)


Turning off autoplay is an option if my intent were to avoid the Christian songs. But my intent is to hear other songs similar to Judah and the Lion.


Check out the "Related Artists" tab for Judah and the Lion. I didn't check them all, but at least the top 6 are all Christian artists.



Ah that might be the thing then the Related Artists. Also I know this is not ideal but can be linked to a Spotify user account, and it has a longer related artist list that might hold similar music you are looking for? I use it often to help pick up extra content of new releases, that Spotify might not pick up on, as I said has a longer listing for Related Artists for each artist when searched for.

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