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Artist "Red"album "Pink" Not correct

Artist "Red"album "Pink" Not correct

The band Red is a pretty hard rock band.  Someone linked a folky bluegrass album titled "Pink" to them which shouldn't be there.  Their newest album is "Until We Have Faces" and isn't on there.  Can this be corrected and when will their newer album be included?


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Yea the rock band got a hard time, also noticed that haha. It happens also at that albums/songs from totally different artists get linked to this great band.

Anyways there is an idea on this forum that will hopefully be implemented soon: Check it here.


EDIT: I've just found this post here. Not sure though, if the link is still up to date that David posted.

That link I posted used to be on the help section of Spotify, but it's been taken down for the time being I think.

As a explanation about why this happens, it's down to metadata - Some bands with the same name often will appear in the same result when searching for that name. As a result, they would also appear under the same artist page, as the metadata would also match. This is something we are certainly aware of, and hopefully we can come up with a solution.
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So is there an eta when the false album will be removed and the correct album added? Red is always hard to search anyway because of their name but this was really disappointing.


Agreed, it's always a chore to find them on Spotify.

Yeah, the problem still exist until now. I guess Spotify official didn't even notice this.

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