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Artist radio plays only one song of this artist

Artist radio plays only one song of this artist

I like listening to radio station based on certain artists. I found out that radio based on Chamber Choir 441 Hz always starts with the same song of 441 Hz and it's the only song of this artist on the playlist (see screen attached). It's always the same song (not even the most popular), despite two 441 Hz's albums on Spotify - radio apparently does not include 25 other songs. Is there a way to fix this?

4 Replies

Hello, Nmtr

This is the case with most stations that it picks a few songs by the artist the station is about and then the rest are songs that are related to the artist E.g If i create a Grateful Dead station i got more songs by other artists than by Grateful Dead.


The only possible solution i can think of is if you deleted your current radio station and create a new one.


(There are probably people who know better about the station feature than me)


Yeah, I know how radio works, but this is other case - there's only ONE song of the certain artist in the radio, and it's always the same song, no matter how many times I play the station.

Make your own playlist instead, it will be much easier and you'll have the artist you want guaranteed.

It doesn't make sense for a "radio station" named for an artist to have only one song by that artist. It makes better sense for Spotify to pepper the station with the artist's songs.

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