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As a Premium -disappointed- user, what can I do to listen to ALL music? Leave for Apple Music?

As a Premium -disappointed- user, what can I do to listen to ALL music? Leave for Apple Music?

As a Premium user, I think I deserve to listen to everything.

If not, I have to choose the best platform... but I am not sure this is still Spotify...









8 Replies

I'm pretty sure Spotify has the biggest library. There will always be artists who refuse to let their music to be streamed as they are unhappy with the payment model. Neil Young pulled his music recently citing the streaming quality as the reason and that people deserve to hear is music in full quality. Yet he didn't pull it form iTunes? 



Hello @1166765292 (Ruben), welcome to the Spotify Community!


I'm sorry to hear that, can you clarify it a bit more? You mean that you want to listen to all music? Well, Spotify tries to have all the world's music, but sometimes it can't be possible due to licensing agreements. More info here:!/article/Content-missing

I'd rather NOT listen to everything.

Its about time the option to BLOCK or DELETE certain artists was implemented.

I'm not convinced this post is serious any longer. Screams of spam.

It is serious.

You have not replied to anyones questions or suggestions. Not that serious IMO. You should have tried the free service first.

Track 81 on Weird Tales of the Ramones? Im pretty sure the license pertains to the whole album?

Spotify is the best platform!  I truly believe that streaming is the next biggest thing in terms of listening to music.  I have been a premium subscription member to Spotify for years, and there has only been a handful of times that I couldn't find a song that I was looking for (and I listen to anything other than mainstream music).


If you are a premium member, Spotify is awesome because you can create playlists or save any music for offline listening.  Also if you use any song discovery apps like Shazam, after tagging a song, you can immediately pull it up in Spotify or add it to a playlist.  Spotify also has discover weekly playlists, related artist tab, and artist radio to help you discover new music that you haven't heard of before.  Also, since so many people have Spotify, it is so easy to send a track to a friend to listen to.  While I don't know if Apples streaming service has all of those features, even if it does, Spotify has been doing this for way longer, and I guarantee their service is better.


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