Black Lives Matter REMOVAL - keep my lists MY lists!

Black Lives Matter REMOVAL - keep my lists MY lists!

Keep my lists MY lists, not someone else's political manifesto.

I come here (and pay!) for music, not politics.


how can I get rid of that list? 

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You cannot get rid of this nonsense, unfortunately.

The forums may not enjoy the attention from Spotify developers that we think they do, so perhaps if we want Spotify to step up their game and stop pushing politics, we can add a vote and a comment on this topic instead:


Customize Start Screen 


Steps I've taken so far and recommend:

  1. Cancel your Premium subscription, citing the BLM In Solidarity claptrap as the reason
  2. Tweet and push on social media the message below to create true awareness 
  3. Vote for the Customize Start Screen idea
  4. Remember to also comment on the Customize Start Screen idea, making it abundantly clear that you want the option to remove undesirable content such as political and other offensive material from your start screen

Hi @Spotify, as far as I know, I PAY for my premium subscription each month to listen to the music of my choosing. Please don't shove your political agenda down my throat. #myspotifymychoice #backoffwithpolitics

I too will be cancelling my subscription if they don't stop this propaganda! This is only becoming a big deal because the media (news corps, Apple, Spotify and others) are making it one! If they don't stop I will just go back to buying mp3s and cancel my Premium and delete the app as I will deem it as toxic! I am a Chrsitian and I do not believe in hate or starting race wars like Soros funded garbage. I do not listen to nasty rap music which glorifies HATE and promotes **bleep** and DRUG USE. Get it off my home screen!

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