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Block Specific Suggestions and Artists

Block Specific Suggestions and Artists


How do I block Joe Rogan from featured podcasts? I never want to listen to Joe Rogan and don't want to accidentally click on it and have it ever used in suggestions.

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Better question - why is this podcast featured on the main page???


Social Media sites are now being held responsible for the voices they promote. They are not neutral parties when they deliberately share misleading and violent content and showcase misinformation.


This content promotes sexual violence, false information about vaccines, transphobia and white supremacy. This content is harmful.


I am hopeful if they just saw how many people never want to listen to this junk and block it that they'd remove it.. I don't want to deal with him whining about how somehow he's being "censored" (on a private media platform!) by not getting his precious place on the page.


Good point. Being able to give feedback within the app would be a solid start. 


Something similar to Facebook Reporting would work - let them know if you find something harmful/violent/offensive/misleading so they can gather that feedback.

Unfortunately, we can’t. So far, we can only follow or share podcasts. We’re totally unable of hiding or blocking any content related. It would be perfect if we could chose what to do. 😉


He's currently a promoted podcast in a high visibility spot - removing him from the list of suggested top podcasts isn't blocking/censorship if he is still allowed to host his content on the platform.





I really want to hide a specific podcast suggestion that shows on my home page ALWAYS. I've never listened to that specific podcast and never will, as I'm not interested in that topic. Please develop a "hide suggestion" feature, it shouldn't be that hard...


Over a year now and still no comment from Spotify 😞


While I see an uptick in news about this specific podcast, I really want a generalized feature to just Block/Hide specific Artists/Podcasts.


I would imagine this would also help with my listening suggestions, so I don't really see what the downside is to allowing people to helping the suggestion algorithm along, and having a better UX.

I'll be honest, I decided to stop using Spotify for Podcasts altogether. I might reconsider if they fix this feature, and allow us to hide Podcasts that we never want to see.
I listen to about 8-10 hours of Podcasts a week but I use Google Podcasts now (because I have a Pixel - I would use Apple podcasts if I had an iPhone). When I open the app, it *only* shows me the podcasts that I have subscribed to. It's just a much cleaner UX overall.


+1 on all points in this post.  Listeners should have a choice.   There is a lot that Spotify tries to shove down your troat. And they make it hard to give direct feedback to the company.  How many other services do you know of that charge $17 or more per month and do not give its users a way to contact a support person.


So they removed JRE and now I have Hyde Wars in my suggested? Get this **bleep** out of here. I just wanna block it. Use the fact  That I blocked this garbage in the suggestion algorithm, because there's ZERO chance I will listen to this alt-right trash.

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