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Blocked Artists issue with suggested songs

Blocked Artists issue with suggested songs







Samsung Galaxy A32

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

Whenever I play any artists album or compilation, it occurs that Spotify plays songs from an artists that I've already blocked before.


Also Spotify plays songs that I've blocked and the suggested songs did not match the genre of the current album/compilation nor does it match with my own favourite songs.


In Spotify settings I turned off Auto play which did not help to fix the issue.


Appreciate any help on how to resolve this issue.





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Hey @bvuhh,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Are you blocking the artist from the Artist page or are just hiding the song through the Remove recommendation in the Made for You section?


If the artist is featured on other tracks, the tracks will also pop up, because blocking an artist doesn't remove the songs where the artist is featured.


Keep us posted on your case,



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Hey Dian,

Thanks for your response.

In this case, I was blocking the artist from the Artist page and, whenever a song from the same Artist was recommended, I hide the song by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.


Could you please let me know where to find the "Made for You section" in the Spotify app?

On the Home page, I can only see "More of what you like" section, but here, the blocked artists never apears.


Thanks again,





Hi there @bvuhh


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Just to confirm, are you getting recommended songs that only belong to the artist you blocked, or songs in which that artist is featured?


On another note, you can find the Made for you section by heading to Search > Made for you


Keep us posted. 

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Hi Eni,

I'm getting the recommended songs that only belongs to the artist I have blocked.

Thanks for pointing me to the Made for you section👍

Hi there @bvuhh,


Thanks for the post.


It might take up to a week for changes like blocking an artist to take effect on your account. This all depends on the amount of information the Spotify algorithm has gathered on your listening activity. 


We'd recommend you Log out Everywhere and back in, twice in a row. This will force sync your account with the servers and can help when your music recommendations are stuck sometimes.


Apart from that, you can follow a few new artists and like some new songs/ albums in order to refresh your recommendations algorithm. Sometimes if you're listening only to a very narrow selection of music genres, you might start seeing repeating recommendations, as the popular pool of music for these genres is not that big.


Hope this helps.

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