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Blood Sugar Sex Magik - The singles are louder than all the other tracks

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - The singles are louder than all the other tracks

Hi, I've noticed that while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik, the tracks that were singles (such as Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away) are quite a lot louder than the rest of the album tracks. I imagine that is because they were taken from the greatest hits album.


This is very irritating as I'm constantly having to turn up and down the volume when playing the album, so if you guys could fix that, it'd be much appreciated.


EDIT: To add to this, I've just noticed that said tracks do not fade into each other like they are meant to, due to being on the greatest hits album. For example the last note from Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge is meant to carry on to Red Hot Chili Peppers – Naked In The Rain, but instead fades out to silence and then comes back in the beginning of Naked In The Rain, which is quite bizzare to hear.

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Thanks for this. I'll sent it off to the content team to have a look at.

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I'd like to second this. The volume difference makes it almost impossible to listen to this album (which is a travesty given that it's one of the greatest albums on the 90s).


Just tried listening to the album again today and the problem is still there. When is this going to get fixed?

This still hasn't been sorted! 

Once Spotify report it to the record label (or rights holder) to request a fix it is up to them to fix it, not Spotify unfortunately. 



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Unfortunatly it is still not corrected and this hard to listen to this great album 😞

The date is 12th January 2016 and it's STILL not fixed. 

its friday april 15th and... it is still unsolved 😞


reminds me the times when you downloaded albums from ares/kaaza from different sources and they had those differences in bitrate and volume and tags

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