Brain Food playlist not playing full songs


Brain Food playlist not playing full songs


There is a popular playlist in the Focus group when Browsing for playlists called 'Brain Food' (over 3 million subscribers). I am one of those followers and recently I'm running into an issue where the songs aren't playing at full length and are cutting off a full minute or more before it ends.


This is happening both on my Desktop (Mac) version and on Mobile.


As a debugging method, I decided to copy all of the songs into a new created playlist, and it works perfectly fine with every song playing at full length. But if I go back to the Brain Food playlist, it does the same thing and cuts the songs short. You can see every song you play's full length in the playlist view, and then see when you play them the scrubber being 1 minute + off.


I don't see this happening to any of the other playlists I follow or any of my personal ones. I'd like to see if I can resolve this and not us a custom cause I know they do update it.


I do have Spotify Premium if that matters, and all premium features seem to be working.

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Re: Brain Food playlist not playing full songs

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Hey @ScottyWaz9 


Spotify has this feature that's basically beatmaching crossfader, and the feature is put into work in some Spotify playlists, such as Sub Low and apparently also Brain Food.


In order to successfully beatmatch and crossfade, not the entire track is played. It's basically a Dj algorithm.

It's not possible to disable the feature, but you can avoid it by adding the tracks in your queue. 🙂


Hope this helps, have a lovely day!

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Re: Brain Food playlist not playing full songs


Either way, it's annoying. They should make it crossfade, not cut the song short that much.