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Broken tracks on Todrick Hall: Straight outta oz (deluxe edition)

Broken tracks on Todrick Hall: Straight outta oz (deluxe edition)

I really love the album Straight outta oz by Todrick Hall and want to listen to it more, but in most of the tracks of the album there's crackle at different points of the tracks. I am sure it's not my device or headphones because it persists across devices and headphones and this one album is the only one that I've ever had this happen on Spotify. It doesn't happen on the regular version of the album, only on the Deluxe one.


For example clicking on the song Papi from that deluxe album, the crackle starts almost immediately and is really bad for example at 00:30 seconds. 


Please help, Spotify!

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Hey @riikkanen!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Great detective work. We've sent this report to our Content Team. They'll take a closer look into this.


Have a great day.

It still isn't fixed, exmple song Color. Sounds great on youtube!

Hey, this issue is still persisting with the track "Expensive" off of this album! Perhaps it has something to do with the quality that the track is streamed or downloaded at? Streaming at high quality on a Windows desktop ( and playing the Extreme quality download on Android ( both produce the crackles.



It’s a shame, I’ve been waiting for this issue to be fixed for a while now. Do we have any update on what’s going on for this?

I've also noticed this, and I know this was flagged a while ago so wanted to let you know the issue is still present


Hey 🙂

Any clues if a fix for this issue is in the pipeline?

The problem still persists.. 

Im glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this! Definitely an issue with the album itself. Spotify... are you there? Please help! ❤️

Spotify, I just had to listen to the album on Prime Music because there's no crackle. HINT HINT

Thanks to you all for keeping an update on this!


I have esculated this issue, and can confirm that a new report has been issued to the content team and they will check the report out as soon as possible 🙂


Thanks again!



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It seems that the deluxe edition is the one that has a distortion problem. If you listen to the non deluxe edition it doesn't seem to be the same. Frustrating because it doesn't have the extra song. 

Weirdly enough the deluxe version on Apple Music has no distortion problems. It's just with Spotify and they STILL haven't fixed it

That isn't particularly helpful then is it. I have just made my own
playlist out of the non deluxe album and stuck "low" at the end of it. Not
the point though, I know.

June 15th. Broken for months and months now.

Yeah it's really frustrating now 😔

I noticed that some issues have finally been fixed (especially track 7) but some songs like 14 still have that weird crackle in them

Problem persists. It's really annoying! With headphones I just thought my ears broke 😅


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