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Can Spotify delete Melanie Martinez's music?

Can Spotify delete Melanie Martinez's music?

After Melanie's actions were put into light, I think Spotify should take her music off the app/website/database/etc. Spotify should NOT be supporting sexual assaulters. 

2 Replies

Your best bet would be to just avoid streaming her. Currently, there is no way to "block" artists from coming up in your Spotify radio... etc. I don't think Spotify will take her down. The Gaslamp Killer had similar allegations a few months ago, and he's still up there. I think it would be smart if they made a block feature though, that way we don't ever intentionally give "listens" to those we don't want to. 

"I like mindless disco... they say the lyrics are stupid and repetitious. So what's wrong with that? So is lying in the sun. Not everything has to be serious" (Lou Reed, 1979).

I would like to know more about why Melanie Martinez should be removed from Spotify. 

I'm currently experiencing an issue in which while listening to my playlists, a Connected Device (that is NOT any of my devices), will kick on and begin to play Albums and Remixes by Melanie Martinez. 

I have never heard of this gal, and she's never appeared in my 'Discovery Weekly' so I'm unsure why this keeps happening. I would like to know if the issue I'm experiencing is at all related to this gal, or if there is some kind of symbolism behind why it's her music that the phantom connection to my account keeps playing?

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