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Can't find a few popular artists!

Can't find a few popular artists!

I can't find Tool nor can I find Led Zeppelin.... What's the deal?



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I notice that John Lennon, AC/DC, and some others are also missing


Would have liked to know that beforehand, but I guess its some contractual agreement that may have to be with the artists first.

Probably. kinda sucks thought right!

Some bands/singers just won't agree to streaming, the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/Dc have never been avaliable, likewise Metallica, The Eagles (which is weird as the solo stuff by the band is streaming), Def Leppard (in some countries), Garth Brooks, Bob Seger, Eva Cassidy, George  Harrison and ofcause The Beatles


John Lennon is an odd one, he was avaliable, now he's not, at least not in the UK

Wow Spotify, your so full of surprises! First no music visualizations now I find out I'm limited to what artists I can listen to? WTF?? How about a big WARNING message when we sign up that says





Come on guys, if your selling a product than do it or at least advertise it as a partial product.

@dblanke80 wrote:

Wow Spotify, your so full of surprises! First no music visualizations now I find out I'm limited to what artists I can listen to? WTF?? How about a big WARNING message when we sign up that says





Come on guys, if your selling a product than do it or at least advertise it as a partial product.

Spotify have a catalogue of more than 20 million tracks. 

As for why some artists are not available, normally it is because the artist has decided not to be part of Spotify or does not allow streaming of their music. Have a read at this FAQ.



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Dear Spotify,


First and foremost, I would consider Spotify the best tool in my musical aresnalt for finding new tunes, sharing playlists, and managing a decent library. I love it! That said, I can't stand the fact that popular artists like AC/DC, the Beatles, and so many more aren't available! I pay for the premium service because music means that much to me, but I would expect Spotify to be in hot pursuit of some of these bands. If they're not available, make it obvious why... maybe make a page that a person would click on when they're searching--something that would tell the listener that that particular band isn't available because the group has declined sharing rights. Maybe list out the attempts made to try and change their minds, so that we the listeners have a little understanding what's going on. Knowledge is power, and without it we're just left in the dark.


A faithful listener,



There are a few reasons why the song/album you want is not on Spotify.


Not every album or song is available on Spotify. Some artists and music labels choose not to release to Spotify.


Sometimes a music label will delay the release to Spotify.


The only thing Spotify does is upload the music that is sent to them. You can find out why some songs/artists are not on Spotify over here.


Some music labels only release to certain countries while blocking the release from the rest.

It's all about who owns the rights to the music and where they want it released to.

Music would be better if labels didn't do this, but sadly this is how the music business works.

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I totally agree.  I totally understand it's the fault of the rights owners, but make us a list of those who have outright REFUSED to sign deals and share their music.  I also pay for premium, and honestly would even pay more than what I am now, because I do understand that the digital age of music has had a tremendous impact on the artists.  I want them to keep making music, and I know that means they need to keep making money.  But for me, some of those artists that don't want to share their music digitally are artists that I already have a bad taste from...I like their music, but really don't like supporting them already because of how they've acted.  Not being able to access them alongside the other artists I like makes me just want to go download their songs for free, it doesn't make me want to go spend money on their albums.


If Spotify would make a list of artists who refused versus artists who were just taking some time, it would be a big help.  Plus, like you said, if they tracked the searches, they could take that data to the artists who were hold outs and try to persuade them.


Love my Spotify, just wish artists realized that this is the direction music was going, and they're only hurting their reputation and alienating listeners by refusing to join the club.

This is NOT the fault of Spotify. We should all be complaining to the artists and record labels. I'm sure Spotify pursues the big name artists quite a bit. But I do not find it realistic to expect Spotify to pursue each and every odd name artist out there. It is up to the ARTIST and RECORD LABEL to pursue Spotify to make their content available. If the artists and record labels don't see the value of Spotify, that's their issue and there is absolutely nothing more that Spotify can do that they aren't already doing.


Many record labels ask for outrageous royalties for their music, which would require Spotify to increase their subscription prices to members. Spotify has to walk a fine line of pleasing the music listeners and appealing to artists and record labels.


I find it completely unrealistic for Spotify to contain a complete listing of content that is NOT available on Spotify. Simple do a search for what you are looking for. If it is not there, complain to the artist and record label. Spotify relies on us to put the pressure on these artists and record labels as much as they are putting on pressure as well.


I find it comical that people come here to the community to complain that Spotify isn't doing their job when they can't find certain music. Completely comical.

As other posters have stated, it's the record labels that make these determinations....not the artists themselves.  Heck, some of these artists, such as George Harrison, are no longer even with us anymore.  So they certainly don't have any say (one way or the other) about it.

Most of their old stuff is shaded out, and their two new albums aren't even available. Any reason?

Hi Cutter187x - I've moved your post over to this similar thread. Please have a look at the Music FAQs Per posted for some answers those questions. 

George Carlin.


If he were alive, there'd be a zero percent chance he'd disagree to let his albums on Spotify.

Issn't it an idea to make a list of artists not available on Spotify to reduce this kind of questions??

I see lot's of 'missing artists'-posts which is a lot of effort for a regular community poster. Just Say'n.


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  I'm Dutch, so please pardon my brevity.

So now I understand why some artists aren't available--got it. Why oh why, do I find an artist I like, listen to them for months, and then randomly my favorite album drops out? Anyone know why an album would go away? I have many songs that have since gone by the wayside (and usually they found their way to my favorites list). Thanks, DM

Hi born2ryde - Essentially, it's for the very same reasons. 


We discuss this a bit in the Content Missing FAQ. Hopefully those tracks will reappear for you again soon!

Because SPOTIFY BLOWS CHUNKS! Will never be good until they get the artists we want.

I noticed that too.. DO you know how to add those?

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