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Can't find this 90's R&B song?

Can't find this 90's R&B song?

The song is by R&B trio that came in the late 90's they use to play on BET I think the group may have only had 1 song? If there are any old school R&B fans on here that can help me find this song or group that would be great. Here are two links:


Song is from 0:00-0:04


Song is from 4:41-4:45

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(posted twice accidentally)

Hey there @Sharissad!
The availability of music on Spotify is mainly up to the Record Label or the artist.

Unfortunately, the Record Label or The Artist probably decided to not have their music available for streaming on Spotify. You should try contacting the Record Label, and ask them why that Album/Song isn't on Spotify

If you want more info on this, you can learn more here

Have a nice day! 🙂

That May be a little difficult since they do not know who sings the song. Perhaps it’s best to identify the name of the female group then to investigate further. If you are aware of the record company who produced this song then go on their website, scroll to the bottom, find the “contact” section and include the YouTube links as well as a brief description of the reason why you are writing to them. 



Hi Sharissad!

Perhaps you could download an app like Shazam that allows you to record music then will show you the group/title of the song that is being played.


I have just downloaded the app and am in the process of identifying the song for you. Fingers crossed that the YouTube footage is long enough! 


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