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Cant switch cover of playlist because it changes to last cover

Cant switch cover of playlist because it changes to last cover


I would be very thankful if anyone could help me to change my cover on my playlist.


Since around a year ago i picked a cover for my main playlist but now im trying to change it. The problem I'm having is that it keeps changing back whenever I Close down or log out of spotify. So Everything Before that works, changing the Picture in edit screen and I see that Picture as the cover and I also obviously save but then i Close it down and reopen and it's back to the cover I had one year ago.

3 Replies

Hi there, are you using Spotify on the desktop or your phone/tablet? Some changes require you to have the desktop app. Deleting the app and reinstalling it might also help. Hope this helps!

yes thank you for your reply but no as i wrote in my text, Everything up until the when i Close it down works which means it doesnt have to do with what im using but for your knowledge its a laptop with windows 10 and im going to try reinstalling but honestly i dont Think itll work

This happens to me sometimes when I make the cover change on desktop but still have the playlist open/cached on my phone.

I got around it by doing this:
1. Close Spotify App on mobile phone.
2. Change playlist cover on Desktop.
3. Open playlist on phone's Spotify App to see if the cover change happened.

Lmk if that worked for you!

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