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Censored vs Uncensored

Censored vs Uncensored



There is nothing more frustrating to me than when I search my favorite song of the moment, put it on before I start driving, then once I’m driving realize it’s the edited version. It’s ridiculous to me that there is no clear labeling of edited vs non-edited tracks/albums. Like…what?? There should be clear labels AND there should be an option to “listen to censored version when available” for kids or whatever and “listen to uncensored version whenever available” for the rest of us. Or an option to leave it how it is now for me those of us that want…both available on shuffle? But, who in their right mind wants to put an artist on shuffle so they can hear a mix of the same songs but one is edited and one is unedited. I’m surprised your developers don’t see this as a common-sense move. If you’d like some real input on how to improve your app then hmu!!

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