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Changed Playlist - old songs? (Chillout Lounge)

Changed Playlist - old songs? (Chillout Lounge)


i'm new into spotify (since yesterday) and discovered the chillout lounge playlist.

After listening to some good songs i wanted to listen to the same songs again but i determined, that the playlist was changed.

I'm looking for the songs (at leats the first 5), all i know is, that the second song was Attention (Tropical House Mix) and the third was Make it right (Wankelmut remix).


Does anybody have the old version of this playlist or the songs?


(Sry for bad englisch^^)


Thanks for your help





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i did it....with the help of google-cache i found the first 30 songs. thats enough.

Searched for "spotify chillout lounge attention", clicked on the little green down-arrow beside the link -> cache.


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