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Childish Gambino - Spotify you have made a bo bo

Childish Gambino - Spotify you have made a bo bo

Hi Spotify, you have made a terrible bo bo in your pants.

Childish Gambino's "Camp" was not released in 2012 as it says, and it did not include "Freaks and Geeks" or "Not Going Back"
So I reccomend you get your **bleep** straight before it hits the fan.

Also, get "Royalty" "EP" and "Culdesac" on Spotify

5 Replies

laksepøls - Ouch. It might be that the version you can see was released in 2012.

Head to Childish Gambino's page, then scroll down to 'Camp'. Click on the litte arrow next to 'Star', and all the versions of the album will be seen.

I see a few versions with 2011 next to the title...

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Who's your Spotify Star?

I don't see it anywhere. It doesn't show up when I use the search bar either. I don't have Freaks and Geeks or Not Going Back. It says they have it here but they don't.

It's grey'd out for some reason.

Yes you are correct those two songs are greyed out on the release of Camp (Deluxe Edition). As those two songs are bonus content on the deluxe 18 track edition of the release. Those two songs you mentioned are not on the standard 13 track release which is currently available. The 18 track deluxe edition with bonus track content is not currently available. So any releases that might be pulled up from search with those two tracks on any releases will have those tracks grey out, not as playable content, at least until the linceses get renewed or updated to include those tracks as available to the Spotify service that is.


All music made available to the spotify service is up to the labels, artists, and/or their representatives. Please go and have a read over on this detailed post here

point 5 covers about the issue with missing music/artists. Thank you!

You should not have deleted freaks and geeks entirely from spotify. It is one of his more popular and better songs. That is the REAL boo boo here...

Por favor, liberen los mixtapes de los raperos, no sean así, al menos evalúen la posibilidad 

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