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Christian Pastoral Sermon

Christian Pastoral Sermon

Forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong forum. Im not sure where to post something like this. But I was wondering if you guys could include some Christian Pastoral sermons under your "Spoken Word" or Christian Music section. Maybe some of the more reknown Pastors such as Billy Graham, David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, or Ravi Zacharaias just to name a few. Spotify if worth the money I pay every month and it would be even more worth it this was an option. Thanks so much

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Sorry I cant type apparently. Spotify IS worth the money I pay every month, and it would be even more worth it IF this was an option.

I think it's a better idea to keep Spotify free of any kind of religion. No disrespect meant to you.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Is that possible? As you say, no disrespect intended towards anyone, but it seems to me that an enormous amount of the music that is out there is already religiously-based, inspired, or related in some way, and that even the music that is purely secular tends to focus on beliefs and passions that could be controversial. Sex, drugs, crime, political revolution, international rivalries, explicit parodies or insults, and a thousand other topics are constantly sung about, all with fervently-held passions that have the potential to offend others.


Spotify already offers hymns, monastic chants, prayers in a dozen languages for a hundred different belief systems, as well as hundreds or even thousands of audiobooks on a wide variety of topics, many of which deeply involve religion. This isn't even mentioning the Christmas carols, contemporary Christian music, and other forms of music that don't necessarily conform to any one denomination or religion, but relate to many, some of which don't consider themselves Christian at all. I guess my question is just where you would reasonably draw the line?


As for my personal choice, I would happily agree with the first gentleman. Just because a sermon is listed, doesn't mean that you're required to listen to it, or that your Spotify service would be in any way diminished by its presence here.

So you registered to make this one post. Probably a friend of the original poster. 🙂


What is religious-based? That's a good question to one who doesn't believe in any god. I just believe in Good Music. Ofocourse that's a personal choice. Just as religion is. But religion fans always want to convince other people about their beliefs. And it starts with songs / sermon speeches on Spotify, it ends with bibles / korans in your mailbox, or worse.


I like passions, i dislike beliefs. They are two different things. Passion is something you feel from the heart, a belief is forced upon you by your family or surroundings. 


I am not against religious inspired MUSIC. I love Marvin Gaye's God is Love. But sermon speeches is something completly different. That is a form of brainwashing that i detest and shouldn't be on Spotify at all.



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

i agree with having sermons, i have been trying to look for some, also. if you do not want to, you do not have to listen to them. very simple. if bad things are out there, so should good things. 🙂

I don't think that he's trying to force his religion on anyone--it seems that he wants to have sermons on Spotify for his own personal listening purposes. There's a lot of stuff on Spotify, including stuff that's offensive to me personally and stuff that's not music (comedy, spoken word poetry, etc.). Just because it's on there doesn't mean that I need to listen to it, and the sheer volume of content means that I probably won't find myself ever forced to listen to something I don't want to. (Besides ads.) I may be offended by the way that some comedians operate, but that doesn't mean that I think they should be taken off Spotify.
(Additionally, and this is just a side note, not to get too off topic, just because someone believes in God, that doesn't mean it's forced upon them by family or surroundings.)
Anyway, that's just my two cents 🙂

Hey @calebt777 Spotify wants all the world’s music on Spotify.



If you'd like to see some Christian Pastoral sermons under "Spoken Word" we definitely think you should make an Idea in the Idea Exchange


Other users can then give it feedback and we can pass this on internally. Thanks for your suggestion! 


You know spotify hasa whole section on christain music right?

Very simple don't listen to it problem solved however I enjoy it and so do many others I'm sure I would not like your music I don't ask them to remove it I just don't choose to listen to it see how easy that is

A sermon on my way to work ON SPOTIFY would be excellent for my life! What a great idea..

Listen to the 'Jesus is____. Music Project', there's some great talks on there

I mean, every form of teaching is a form of brainwashing, if you teach a child to speak you form their brain to think in that way. Every type of learning, every thought is something that has been taught. I do believe that every person has a right to listen to what they desire to listen to, if they like rap give them rap if they like rock give them rock and if they like sermons give them sermons. I personally would love to have a few sermons on my phone so when I am driving I can listen to something without ads, hence why I pay for Spotify, I usually listen to my music but have been wanting to branch out a bit more, I would love if Spotify branched out into sermons too.

Dude...I don't know how to put this so I'll just say this. You speak as if you are experienced in the love Jesus has for us and our love of him. You speak with the knowledge of a young person who overheard a small conversation between the goth kids on the schoolbus and have added onto that with quick feelings, not passion, to develop your view on god. Truly know through feeling and experience before you talk about passion and belief. I could go on all day about what you said about passion and belief but I want you to know first that the gospel makes the way. I'm tryin to listen to something to humble myself so I can better myself as I aspire to do and become closer to god. If that means putting the word on Spotify..why not? "Why nots" all day to you sir. Jesus loves you and i believe he's gonna find a way into your life. When it happens think about it until you can touch, smell, taste and especially see. You will see

No i think they should have Christian music and teachings if a person isn’t Christian it wouldn’t bother them because Spotify lets you select the kind of things you want to hear but that’s my opinion 

I love it!!!! I’m currently on a hunt myself. Did you find any Christian Sermons?

To respond to your original post and that only... Chip Ingram has a lot of great sermons on Spotify. I've found a little from Francis Chan and Louie Giglio as well. I haven't looked up the pastors that you mentioned, but that's a great idea also.

Hope that helps.

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