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Christmas music artist stealing other artists' names...

Christmas music artist stealing other artists' names...

When I search "Christmas music" and want to hear from specific artists, such as Piano Christmas, Christmas Music Piano, etc., I notice there is another artist who is spamming the original artists. I looked further into it and realized they are spamming dozens, if not hundred of artists with their music, using diffferent album titles that have the same exact recordings as their other albums. They are even releasing the same songs (under a different album title) multiple times on the same artist pages, which were not originally theirs. I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done about this. It must impact the actual artists, allowing the "spammer" to take thousands of streams away from the artist who originally started the artist page. I attached a screenshot of Ella Anderson and her first 8 out of at least 100 different (but the same) "Let It Snow" covers. It seems a little strange that this would be able to be continued on. She only has 51 followers but has 303, 613 monthly listeners by mooching off of others who have worked hard to establish their artist page. Hopefully something can be done so that the actual original artists are treated right.

Christmas Artist Ella Anderson.png
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