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Does Claiming an Artist Profile Effect Your Spotify Premium


I have Spotify Premium. I also want to claim my artist profile. When I claim my artist profile, will that effect my Spotify Premium or would I keep both?


Re: Claim my artist profile


Working through a distributor or aggregator solves this problem. Even though DIY is an option, you have to be patient with the process. Our artist had the same issue. Unfortunately, the platform algorithyms does not have the ability to predict sourcing. If you really want to publish on your own, then we suggest you keep raching out to Spotify. Eventually, they will merge your profiles and aggregate your songs together. Good luck.

Re: Claim my artist profile

Casual Listener

HI there

I'd like to know how to claim a second artist - because my distribution company got the name wrong on my first album and listed me as Wendy Kirkland Quartet, I claimed this profile. NOw my second album has gone up as Wendy Kirkland and I would like to claim this too.

Although, annoyingly I've been told I can't change the name of the artist on the first album from Wendy Kirkland Quartet to Wendy Kirkland, I would at least like to claim the second album too.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.