Classical New Releases: Spotify Picks


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I agree - the Classical New Releases playlist has really gone downhill.  "The World of Hanz Zimmer"?  Really?  I don't want to have to listen to "The Lion King Suite" and other such stuff in order to hear the new classical releases are on Spotify.  Same goes for the other so-called new age stuff that is being programmed on this playlist.  I hope someone from Spotify is monitoring this thread....


Re: Classical New Releases: Spotify Picks


There has been some improvements on this playlist in the recent weeks, so thanks to whoever has been curating it. I welcome the emphasis on the classical and modern repertoire as well as the occasional foray into instrumental music that now seems to have become the standard content of the playlist. 50+ songs to go through feels a little too much for me every week and I'd be happier if the releases woudl limit themselves to albums. But I'd say the changes from when this discussion started are positive.