[Community][Radio] Thrilling Experience: Ancient acoustics for Spotify users


[Community][Radio] Thrilling Experience: Ancient acoustics for Spotify users

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Dear Spotify Community,
For a few years in my research as one of topics, I worked on reconstruction of acoustics in the ancient theatres designed for musical performances. I had it in mind that it should have impact on the modern music. The result is plausible.
1. Original sound Celine Dion "Immortality" CD quality compressed to mp3 320 kb/s

2. Processed sound as in the ancient theatre applied to CD quality compressed then to mp3 320 kb/s.
CD quality

The problem is that the result is tangible only when the filter is applied to the original at least in CD quality.Thus it excludes most of the users who prefer to use mp3 compression on different levels. However (and here is the main part), I realized recently that if we apply the filter prior to compression,
the result is visible and plausible. This way we can offer on Spotify pages the compressed music with the annotation "Ancient Acoustics".
What is to be gained here?

The music with Ancient Acoustics effect explores much of the ways we hear sound and behind it stands multicentury experience of ancient engineers. You can try it yourself. But there is also a long term effect. Hearing the music with Ancient Acoustics effect enables hearing more details in the recording without this effect. It may also get addictive.
For doing this some form of agreement with the artist is needed to work on his production version. But I think Spotify can help here giving artists the hint and streamlining their interest.

I think Spotify can suggest artists this way of presenting their music and  may gain new experience for its listeners.

[ Some work should be added as clapping hands or strong percussion should be avoided but it was so in the original theatres of Antiquity. ]

I will gladly respond to the questions you may have.
Best regards,
Dr. Piotr Wojdyllo


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