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Complete absence of ECM recordings unacceptable


Complete absence of ECM recordings unacceptable

I am a paying subscriber and am on the whole very pleased with the offering in most genres (clasical, country, folk, pop) and the quality is pretty good too. But as the header saysI am very unhappy with thecomplete absence of the ECM label. That just will not do. Please do something about this!


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I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but there are now dozens of ECM Records albums on Spotify (and Amazon Music, I would assume Apple Music). Certainly not the entire catalog but representation of most if not all of the ECM artists I follow. I’d guess about 20-25% is there. I hope eventually to see more, but for now I have a lot to catch up with!


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I would suggest you get in touch with ECM and ask them why their content is not on Spotify!



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That really is an enormous hole! One of the most interesting record companies there is.

I would agree ...


Spotify is great and ECM is the best modern Jazz label. It is really a pity the two cannot marry together.  

I am a subscriber of Spotify and it was a major disappointment the lack of ECM content...


But, I guess there is nothing that Spotify can do if ECM does not see value in Spotify. They probably think their bussiness is a more mature audience, allergic to compressed music


I hope they will change their minds



There are a lot of "mature" listeners like myself who use Spotify to dabble their toes in new music.


If I like something I'll then buy the CD.


I think ECM are missing out on a chance to expand the audience for all their wonderful music. But then again, perhaps this serves as a useful reminder that there is a LOT of fine music that isn't on Spotify. It's a dangerous mindset t believe that everything is to be found there.


John Farrow

I agree 100% with you John


I think I read in the past an interview to ECM's founder, in which he mentioned that the priority of ECM is uncompressed audio.


If this is a view shared by other labels, I wonder if Spotify would consider FLAC streaming over WIFI to accomodate this user profile. I would love that too!

Good point.


No harm at all in putting a few demands on them to up their quality.


But then again, Spotify for me is often more a starting off point than a destination. A good place to sample a few things that may go on to become big favourites leading to gigs, Cd purchases etc, etc.


The Related Artists button is extremely useful.

I agree. It annoys me! It is rumored that many smaller record companies find the deals they are offered by Spotify not so attractive. I would gladly pay a few extra dollars monthly to get some kind of Spotify Non-Plus-Ultra Premium which would have lots niche content from smaller labels, gets major record releases the day they are released and maybe even access to higher quality streams on select titles. 

Absolutely agree!! One of the most amazing labels out there - tons of my playlists and songs became unavailable when the got removed from Spotify. And no, I do not want to reach out to ECM directly. That's what I pay spotify for.


Please get them back on board.

And please provide some transparency and keep us posted on how this goes.

Yes, I'm also quite dissapointed to not have access to ECM catalog as fan of modern jazz!!!! i like spotify but i should admit that in jazz its often that I don't find new release. Example, where is the last album of Shai Maestro trio??? (label Laborie Jazz). 

Deezer is recently launch a music classic option, and Spotify should think to enlarge or keep people who enjoy jazz, classic...rather than focusing mainly on rock, pop, rap etc...

I have sent my concern to ECM contact e-mail adress; let see if they reply. ECM is available on some plateform as french one Quobuz!



Contacting ECM was the right thing to do. Let us know what they say 🙂

Hi. I have been wondering for a long time why you cant get access to ECM on Spotify. The whole catalogue was there some years ago and then suddenly disappeared. I did send a email to ECM but they never got back to me. I love their records and the fantastic music they produce. However, they have a kind of arrogant attitude and are pretty short sighted in the fact that they are missing a marketing trick in that they could reach new audiences that might never access these recordings. An example of this is when ECM was on Spotify I played my ECM playlist at work and a few colleagues were amazed at the music and subsequently brought albums and discovered more about ECM. I don't think it's a quality issue as you can stream ECM from Grooveshark. Lets hope this is soon resolved.... 

could not agree more.

I totally agree. ECM recordings rules. Shape up spotify or sombody else will run over you.

Guys, we'd love all music on the service. Sometimes agreements can't be made, unfortunately. However, we will try our best to get them on board in the future.

In the meantime, we'd suggest contacting them to ask why.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Not any single reply from ECM to my e-mail after almost 2 months!!! strange conception of customers services!! I will keep sending. All spotify users should do the same, hoping it will have impact..

I'm in the USA and see a fairly large number of ECM albums and artists - Enrico Rava's "Easy Living", for example. I just learned to do a label search. In the desktop search box I entered "label:ecm". Got lots of results.


Perhaps this is a new development or a country-related issue...

Well, if Mr.. Eicher says so, what's the deal with eMusic and iTunes? They both sell ECM (and some JAPO) in (acceptable, not great) compressed formats.

Complete absence of ECM recordings unacceptable. Names like Keith Jarrett are very important. Great hole. We need ECM Records on Spotify

This needs to get on spotify.

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