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Credits impersonating artists

Credits impersonating artists

I recently noticed a song and album credited to artists not related (mostly because of completely different style). It's annoying because this is probably done to boost play time, and this songs appear unwanted in my Release Radar.

This single  is an english metal song and is credited to spanish-speaking artists doing rock and reggaeton.


Likewise, this album is credited to Los Enanitos Verdes (legit spanish-speaking rock band also credited in the previous song), as well as to "Elefante" and "Industria del Amor" (I don't know enough to tell if these may be the actual authors or if they're also being impersonated).


Other fishy details include the content cover (pitch black, with only the song/album name and not mentioning any artists) and the fact that credits are "self-reported" by the artists, as opposed to being provided by a record label or a similar company.

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Hey @ConcernedListener1,


Thanks for posting in the Community and making the platform a better place!


Could you report your findings through this link? This way the right team can have a look at the report straightaway.


Let us know if you need anything else,



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Hi Dian,

I made this post at the suggestion of the support representative when I first made the report on that page. Sadly, it hasn't been fixed yet: just another of these songs popped up in this week's Release Radar, and I am noticing that this kind of behavior goes as far back as 2019. See link below.

Hi there @ConcernedListener1,


Thanks for the info. Keep using the link provided by @Dian to report any such content you see, that way this information will reach the appropriate team so they can investigate. Be advised though that processing these reports can take quite some time, so don't think that just because the issue hasn't been resolved a month later that your report has been ignored or not received at all. Rest assured all of these are much appreciated as they greatly help us manage the platform better.


Thanks again. Let us know if you need anything else.

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