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Daily Mixes are LAME

Daily Mixes are LAME

Daily mixes suck. Cannot be changed. Spotify knows and doesn't care. Why have premium at all? Why can't we just start over? Horrible customer service.

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many times the daily mixes are not one hundred percent of your taste, this is due to two particular reasons, first is that you can vote which music or artist you want and which do not (pressing the heart or hand respectively) and the other reason why such Once you do not listen to much music on the platform, give yourself a taste and listen to music! if you want you can try the premium account for one month for free. I promise that if you improve the previous areas your Daily mix will be spectacular.

Many greetings!

I do have a premium account which makes this even more infuriating. We
should be able to just delete a mix that we are not into. Why am I paying
for something that sucks? You will lose customers the second someone comes
up with something even slightly better.

Hello, I agree with you, if you want you can add this comment on ideas for Spotify I am sure that more users and managers of the platform They will love to hear your idea, I would appreciate it with a like. Thanks and much success!

Try changing up some of the stuff you listen to, usually listening to song radios can help this and make your daily mixes more specific.make new playlists and download more songs, hope this helps!

Agreed. I listened to some 1950s classics during an event, and now one of my daily mixes is oldies. The algorithm can't understand the context or circumstances in which a song is played, so now it thinks I love rap/hip hop, house, and Paul Anka. Despite having tastes that range into so many other genres, it thinks my grandma's favorite songs are my own. Neat. 


I've gone through and disliked every single song for 1-2 "pages" of suggested songs, but I'm still getting classic oldies that Spotify thinks I'll love. 

Hey there @Nicolettexiv.


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

The songs included in your Daily Mixes are meant to be a reflection of your own music taste, rather than full of recommendations. 


If you see any tracks that you're not fond of, we'd first suggest continuing to dislike them, so we know not to play them again, or add them to future mixes 🙂


We'd also suggest listening to more music you enjoy outside of personalized playlists like a Daily Mix, so we can get a better sense of what you enjoy listening to.


Keep in mind that Daily Mix aren't updated daily, so no worries if you don't see any changes right away!


Let us know how things go. We'll be happy to lend a hand if you there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day!

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Thanks. I listen to my own playlists daily, not the daily mixes - as I’ve rarely liked the generated mixes except for my “top played” and “you have great taste”. I’ve also disliked over 100 artists on my “oldies” mix trying to get it to go away. The oldies mix was generated because I listened to some Christmas classics in December, and because I played 2 songs from the 50s for a retro event. Somehow, they’re still there despite the other artists and genres that I listen to way more often.

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