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Deleted playlist I want to recover

Deleted playlist I want to recover



I deleted by mistake one playlist some days ago ... (Well I figured out the playlist wasn't anymore on my profile, so I guessed I deleted it by mistake).


I tried to recover it with this link :

but it didn't work (I could find other playlists I deleted, but not the one I want to recover...)


Does someone have another solution to this problem ? Or have an idea how my playlist could have disapeared ? I really liked this playlist and I would be sad if I couldn't recover it 😕


Thanks all



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Do you remember the titled of the playlist that was deleted? Also was this deletion of a playlist one that you yourself followed from another user and/or maybe a curated Spotify playlist? If I remember correct, the Recover playlists feature on accounts pages are for only personally created playlists the users themselves have created, not other playlists from different sources that the user did not create. Like for example, I was following a collaborative playlist, which also placed the playlist name under + New Playlist just like any other playlist, and then I deleted this collaborative playlist some time later but the option to restore the playlist is not available on my account page Recover playlists, as I did not create the playlist to begin with but followed it to collaborate on.


Things to maybe find the playlist again. Try doing a keyword search based on the title of the playlist in the search window of the Spotify apps, and see if you hit gold and can find the playlist again. If this playlist was not created by you, you can simply select all tracks in that playlist and then drag and drop those tracks to your own personally created playlist so as to not ever lose the songs again. Users can have unlimited self created playlists.

Hello JayLB,

Thank you for your help. To answer your questions, the playlist I cannot
recover was called "Nova tunes", and I created it. Also, I didn't share it
with anyone. I already try to search it with key words, but couldn't find

Would you have any other recommendations ?

Thank you again and looking foraward to hearing from you






Care to share your profile link? If you do wish it on the public boards you can PM it to me. There seems to a bit in playlist names under that title.


Just be sure to double check all your playlists to make sure it was not overlooked.


Can you check your account with the web player here: and see if the playlist is still listed from the webplayer from your user account, this way you will know if it is just a cache file corruption from the Spotify desktop app on your system. If the playlist is showing from the Spotify web player, then the issue is a file cache file corruption on your system. And I know this is a pain, but a clean reinstall of the desktop app might help here if there is a local cache file corruption preventing the playlist showing up correctly on the Spotify desktop client, and what is actually on your account.


I checked on the web player as you mentioned, and I still don't find the
playlist. If the problem is a file cache corruption, would I have to
uninstall and reintstall the spotify app on all my devices ? (I have it on
two computers and two mobile phones).

By sharing my profile link, do you mean you want my login information to
check my playlists ? Otherwise, here's the link to my profile :

Thank you again





No No No!!!! I was just talking about going to take peek at your Public Playlists from my view from your Spotify profile is all. Never share your log in information. Plenty of posts on the boards with users of compromised accounts. I would never ask for something like that. The profile link is enough. I just wanted to make sure, that if you did not want your profile link public you could send the profile link to me via PM is all. Like my user profile link here:


I just wanted to see from my end if the playlist was viewable on your profile to try and figure out where your issue might be. But if the webplayer is not showing the playlist from your Spotify user account, then I would next suggest that this issue is probable a server side issue with your account. So I will go ahead and escalate this thread, and have a Spotify Employee Mod look at this, and see if you should contact Customer service to see what might be up with the missing playlist you have on your account, sometimes the Spotify Customer Service can reset things for users and get stuff showing up again.


You might want to remove that link from your post if you do not want your profile user id public.



I could only find these two playlists with the name Nova Tunes or something close to it from viewing your public playlists on your Spotify profile:



And this playlist called Nova Planet, which is a Radio Program Playlist on Spotify, which looks like from Radio Nova:



All right, then here is the link to my profile :

hey @Teobaldo 


Please contact customer support and they'll be able to recover your playlist for you.

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