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Delta Spirit's Into the Wide is suddenly missing

Delta Spirit's Into the Wide is suddenly missing

Does anyone know why Delta Spirit's album Into the Wide isn't availbale anymore? It used to be there.

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Yeah, I've noticed that with a few bands that I like. All of a sudden, one day my favorite album or song will be gone! 

To get music on Spotify, artists/bands have to go through a music distributor, and I know there is generally a yearly or monthly fee to do so. What it could be (and what I have come to assume) is that the artist/band for whatever reason decided not to renew the song(s) to keep them on Spotify. 

Hope this helps! And I'm sorry for your loss lol 😉 Hopefuly it will be back up soon! (I've seen that happen as well)

Sounds like it could have been something like that. The album is back up now anyhow.

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