[Desktop] New interface Search bar is awful


[Desktop] New interface Search bar is awful

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On the new interface, the Search bar only appearing while in the Search tab is absolutely awful.

Searching is, alongside browsing playlists, easily the most commonly used function in the application for me. Having to constantly click Search just to get a search bar is insane. The search bar doesn't even take up any space when in other menus! It's literally just getting removed, with nothing else occupying the same space! This is horrible from a functionality standpoint and brings absolutely nothing of value to the application.

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Hey @hamsteroj,


Thanks for posting.


We appreciate your feedback and will make sure it reaches the right folks. There is a thread in the Community, where you can share your thoughts and give feedback on how you feel about the new design. Check it out here. Our team is always trying to improve the user experience and any thoughts on how to make it better are more than welcome​​​​​.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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