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[Developer] Sharing music for children's franchise

[Developer] Sharing music for children's franchise

Good morning, I have just been speaking with Allan A on your webchat and he suggested I post here. I shall soon be launching my own children's music franchise. The tracks are all original and written by myself, and the franchise has an emphasis in imagination and interaction. My question/idea is two-fold. I will have a need to share my backing tracks with my franchisees, but only them, not the general public, for their classes - would there be a possibility for this to be done via Spotify? and, my company will also be doing party packages for children which will have the format of one of my classes followed by a mini disco for the children. I will need to have a few playlists of popular kids disco music, for my franchisees to download too. I understand that Spotify isn't for commercial use at the moment, but would be keen to know if this would be possible in the future. If I could have a place where all my music was, to share to my franchisees, would make things very easy and user-friendly for my company!

Thanks, Debora

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