Discover local musicians / producers.

Discover local musicians / producers.

I've been using Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Pandora and Soundcloud for the last month.  


Spotify is a real winner, however I can't seem to find a way to discover / search for geographically local musicians / producers.


Anyone figured out how to do this?  I understand it might be difficult or impossible unless the artist tags themselves as being from a particular locale.  


If I can't find this search feature, I may have to go back to listening to a community radio show that only plays once a week dedicated to showcasing local tallent.

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Found this is already a feature request in . Also, this is a feature that ReverbNation is offering already. Can only hope that Spotify doesn't drag with this one.

Also... bandcamp offers this feature. In Discover > filter by: Location. It isn't great however. Spotify could improve on it by offering more locations to filter by. For example, I live in Perth Western Australia, but bandcamp only lists one Australian city, Melbourne. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Australian Geography, Perth and Melbourne are separated by 3418KM and are on the opposite sides of Australia. Perth also has a music scene with it's own producers and DJs... it'd be great to be able to find all of them via Spotify.

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