Do I still need ascap and bmi licenses?


Do I still need ascap and bmi licenses?

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I own a little coffee shop and ascap and bmi are coming after me to pay fees like the mafia.  It feels like another thing that is mean to nickel and diime a small business into shutting down or becoming boring.  If I get a premium account with spotify will this cover me from these types of organizations?

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Re: Do I still need ascap and bmi licenses?

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Hello @nubohemia and welcome to the community.


For what I now, these two organizations have nothing to see with Spotify. They are, normally in charge to gather rights of independent authors, songwriters, composers affiliated, for radio plays, or for any public plays (public party, festival, store, etc...).


Spotify premium is only for a personal and non-commercial use. In a case of a store, you will need a commercial license : Spotify Business.
to notice
: if you live in USA or Canada, fee to Ascap or BMI are included in a license Spotify Business.


You will get more information here ==>


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Re: Do I still need ascap and bmi licenses?

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The Spotify service the free ad supported, and premium access is intended for individual uses only, and not to be used for public performance settings. A few friends over to the home and playing Spotify is one thing, but playing the Spotify service in a business setting where any number of people can walk into the establishment and possible hear the music being played publicly can cause serious copyright violations for the business if found out about by ascap and bmi reps and / or other copyright groups depending on where your business has been established. 


Spotify does have a music branding service for businesses, you might look into this Spotify link below, there should also be contact information on the page for any in depth questions you might have: