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Does a Spotify upcoming track's URI remains the same even after release

Does a Spotify upcoming track's URI remains the same even after release

Does a Spotify upcuming track's URI remains the same even after release

I'm asking this, cuz if you share an upcoming unreleased song's URI with independent playlist curators, if they're not able to play the track & inspect it, how would they night if the track is fit for their playlist?

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Hey there @fatkrrent,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


The URIs of upcoming songs remain the same after the songs is officially released, unless you delete the track/album itself or change the username of your account. 


Hope this helps. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out again.


Have a great day!

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If we send an upcoming unreleased song to the INDIE Spotify playlists' Curators, VIA ITS TRACK/ALBUM URI,  are they able to inspect it by playing it to judge whether or not its suitable for their playlists?
If no, then we only have the chance to send them the track for playlist consideration AFTER the release.

Hey there @fatkrrent,

Jumping in on behalf of @Elena as she's away right now. If you're looking for more information on pitching to Spotify's curator team you can follow the steps in this FAQ article   over at Spotify for Artists.


After the content is released however it's still eligible for potentially being added in to a curated playlist without submission at Spotify at a later date as they're always looking for new content to delight users! 


If you need anything else feel free to reach out directly to the Spotify for Artists team who can help in more detail with this which can be found at the bottom of the FAQ! 🙂


Best of luck! 💚

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