Does "Certifiedmixtapez" work with spotify and

Does "Certifiedmixtapez" work with spotify and


Hi everyone


So about a week ago I asked for help regarding local files and scrobbling, and I actually got the help I needed so thank you so much for that. But I now face another problem (sort of): I'll give you a rundown:


1) So I wanted to download Asap rockys mixtape named "LIVE.LOVE.ASAP" off of "Datpiff" as I always do


2) But "Datpiff" didn't have the exact version I was looking for so I went to another site named "Certifiedmixtapez"


3) I downloaded "LIVE.LOVE.ASAP" off of "Certifiedmixtapez"


4) Clicked play on one of the songs off the mixtape and listened to it all the way through


5) Checked to see if it scrobbled


But it didn't. I should probably also mention that there is no name under "Artist" and "Album" when I have the song in my local files as shown in the image attached.


So if anyone knows how to make it scrobble I would really appreciate it, but if not I can always use the "Datpiff" version of the mixtape


Thank you in advance

Screenshot 2021-01-05 112550.png
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