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Drake's Views album, UNCENSORED/Explicit, does not play at all.

Drake's Views album, UNCENSORED/Explicit, does not play at all.

I tried to listen to it, but it will not play, it just shows a grey disk in the corner where it would usually would show the album cover, and on mobile it says i need to sync the song to offline, when i have wifi, or data connected. I can listen to the uncensored just fine, but i need the nono words.

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A few things to point out, users who are on the ad supported tier of the Spotify service can only play content in shuffle mode on mobile devices, only users with tablets with screens 8" or bigger, and users on the Spotify desktop apps can play tracks in the order they wish to. Also ad supported users can not offline music anyway, are you sure the service was not showing a warning about if you have the available content in local files to add these local files to a playlist to sync offline? But syncing Local Music files, only Premium users can do this now on mobile devices anyway, not sure why you would be asked to sync content to offline from a free ad supported account, you should get a warning when attempting to do this that this is a Premium feature and you need to upgrade in order to Offline content?


If you are on the Spotify desktop app, when you have the Views album page showing look to the lower right corner, do you see a small bubble that reads MORE RELEASES with a number in it with a down arrow? If you click this a small drop down window will show the other Views releases available to you. These releases when clicked on should load and show without any explicit tag warnings next to the song titles that are explicit from the other release versions.


If you provide your listening region here in a post I can do a quick look up of the release, and see which clean version of Views might be available to you for your listening region, and then I can post a link to the clean Views release for you if you are having trouble finding it?

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