Editing my playlists

Editing my playlists

Dear Sir or Madam!!
If I want to squeeze a song in between two (certain) other songs on one of my playlists instead of adding the song to the bottom of the list, how do I go about doing that?. Would that be possible on Spotify?
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I don't think you can do this on phones however on the computer/laptop version if you add the song you can then drag it to wherever you would like to in the playlist by just clicking and dragging- a green line will appear where the song will be placed

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Hi @jeff4spotcom 🙂 welcome to the Community!


Did you mean to "rearrange or randomize" songs? If so, just click and hold on the song and drag it up or down. Make sure you don't have any filter toggled on (like: artist, date, album, etc). This works on desktop app only.


At the moment you can't make a full rearrange of a playlist, but if you need it, you can take a peak to This Post I made of how to do that with an alternative web tool.



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