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Electronic /IDM / Drum and Bass Playlist/ needed.

Electronic /IDM / Drum and Bass Playlist/ needed.

Can someone hook me up with a badass playlist with good hooks and beats please.

I love this music, but I'm new to it. Just looking for some of your favorites so I know where to start.

Thanks guys.
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10 Replies

This might just be the perfect playlist for you!

Awesome, thank you. I appreciate that. I'll check it out.

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Here's a suggestion:



Hey! 🙂


For IDM I'd recommend this playlist:


It's a playlist of Ninja Tune artists, but also those that are not, but have a similar sound.
You'll find nice sounds like Hextatic, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Four Tet etc.


I also found this user (arsendis) on sharing their playlists. I really like the drum&bass/jungle one:
Arsendis also has other playlists compiled, such as a very lengthy IDM-oriented one, one for hiphop, one for techno and so on.

Awesome, thank you. Followed them both.
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Definitely my guilty pleasure genre : ) 


I've gotta playlist going here, I update it almost weekly. It's got all the big names on there, along with some more obscure stuff, if you wanna check it out.

I called it, "Skydiving Thru Different Dimensions" because that's what drum and bass makes me feel 🙂 




"I like mindless disco... they say the lyrics are stupid and repetitious. So what's wrong with that? So is lying in the sun. Not everything has to be serious" (Lou Reed, 1979).

For EDM, I'd recommend you to check my playlist out. It is a mixture of all the subgenres of EDM including D&B, techno, Dubstep, Moombahton, Trance, and others. Here's the link to my playlist:

Nice playlist. Here are some "psychedelic breaks" out of the box..

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