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Endless YouTube videos on Spotify

Endless YouTube videos on Spotify


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(iPhone 12

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We are using the family plan and my 11 year old have a normal account for his music listening. His account on his iPhone is governed by me and he can’t use his phone more than one hour per day. Though I have a couple of apps that are always available. Like Spotify. I think it is important that he always can listen to music. Like I did when I were a kid. 

now it turns out that he can watch his favorite YouTube influencers videos via Spotify. And he can watch them as much as he wants. 

i can either choose to lock down his Spotify, which would be really sad. Or I have to give him Spotify j

kids instead. It seems that he can’t listen to music that we and he wants him to listen to in that app. It seems really restricted. 

are there any other options?

2 Replies

Hey @0p_a-vyhdtabs,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


On the Spotify app, you cannot watch YouTube videos. However, we have video podcasts that can be accessed in the regular app. Since some Youtubers may have podcasts shows uploaded to out platform, it's possible that your son was watching one of those podcasts within the platform, or an ad.


Keep in mind that regular accounts don't have any way to restrict the content or videos, that's why we'd recommend to users under 13 years old the option to have Spotify kids as it has curated content appropriate for their age and controlled by the parents. You can check this guide out for more information.


Lastly, remember that a regular account can restrict its own podcasts videos as part of the data saving options, but it could be easily turned on/off on the settings of that specific account.


Hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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I have the exact same problem. The kids accounts are hopeless for someone who are really into music, like my kid, since it's impossible to search and make proper playlists. I simply don't want him to watch endless "podcasts" meaning videos of people playing roblocks. Please please for the love of what ever god you prefer- just make it possible to disable videos already?! Or to make something in between kids and a regular account. My 10 year old loves eminem but doesn't understand English (especially not cuss words and slang) so it's pretty unproblematic to me that he listens to rap music. Watching hours of trash is extremely problematic though. This system needs a fix immediately! 

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